Steven D. Munger, Ph.D.

Professor and Principal Investigator


Zhi Huang, M.D.

Sr. Biological Scientist, Lab Manager

Research Focus: Taste and smell


Amanda Sheehy, B.S.

Biological Scientist

Research Focus: Taste and smell


Xiaojuan "Sophie" Zhang, M.D.

Postdoctoral Associate

Research Focus: Extraoral sweet taste receptors


Arthur Zimmerman, M.S.

Ph.D. Student

Research Focus: Chemosensory biology

Former Lab Members

Current Lab Members

Kaylin Adipietro, Ph.D.
Current Position: Postdoctoral Associate, University of Maryland, Baltimore

Lucy Brown, Ph.D.

Current Position:  Medical Writer, Pinnacle Health

Renee Cockerham, Ph.D.

Current Position:  Program Manager, Neuroscience Graduate Program, University of Maryland, Baltimore

Adam Clark, Ph.D.
Current​ Position: 

Rudolf Degen

Current Position: Graduate Student, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Shawn Dotson, Ph.D.

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Neuroscience, University of Florida

Amanda Elson, Ph.D.

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Veronica Lopez
Current Position: 

Ted Nelson, Ph.D.

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Human Science Department, Georgetown University

Yiling Nie, Ph.D. 

Current Position:​ Manager, Research and Development, Hycor Biomedical Inc.

Wendy Olsen, Ph.D.

Current Position: Lecturer, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UMBC

Tatsuyuki Takahashi, Ph.D.

Current Position: Assistant Professor, School of Veterinary Medicine, Kitasato University

Blossom Tewelde

Current Position: MD/Ph.D student, Johns Hopkins University

Cedric Uytingco
Current Position: Postdoctoral Associate, University of Florida

Stephan Vigues, Ph.D.
Current Position: Research Integrity, University of Maryland, Baltimore